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Wealth 360 - Your Personal Financial Website Thumbnail

Wealth 360 - Your Personal Financial Website

Terry Herr, CFP®, CLU


Did you know, Herr Capital Management makes Wealth 360 available to all clients?   Wealth 360 offers a real-time, 24/7 view into your complete financial picture. The home page offers a holistic picture of your financial health at a glance, as well as, the ability to drill down into the detail. Here's a short overview:


Consolidate all your important financial information in one place. You can easily add, personalize, and track progress toward your financial goals, including spending and budgeting tools. You can also connect all of your accounts to see a complete aggregation of your assets and liabilities allowing you to track your progress.


Easily add goals, track your progress toward funding those goals, and visualize how your goals impact your long-term financial outlook.


Access the Spending tab to see where your money is going each month, establish a budget to manage your expenses, and make adjustments based on actual spending, saving and investment data.


Monitor your investment and asset allocation. Make sure to first connect all your investment accounts so you can get an accurate picture of your finances.


Upload your important documents for safe keeping and easy access when you need them. Protected by the highest level of encryption in the industry, private folders provide a secure location to store sensitive files, while shared folders enable you and your advisor to easily share and access important documents for review.

PRIVATE - You're In Control

However you decided to use the site, you control what we see.  For example, you can keep your budget and spending information completely private.  Any documents you load to the Vault remain private unless you choose to share them with us.  You can even turn on/off sharing with your other professional advisors such as your CPA or Attorney allowing for streamlined collaboration.

Register Today!

To register for the site you can Click This Link or Contact Us.