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Herr Capital Management Events




You're invited to a comprehensive 30-minute webinar presented by experts from the Social Security Administration. Gain valuable insights and information on understanding Social Security and maximizing its benefits for you and your family. Agenda: Introduction to Social Security Programs Eligibility Criteria and Benefit Calculation Claiming Strategies and Options Q&A Session: Directly Address Your Social Security Queries This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear directly from those who work within the Social Security Administration, providing accurate and reliable information on the various aspects of Social Security. Secure your spot today to gain a better understanding of Social Security benefits, retirement, disability, survivor benefits, and more. This session is an invaluable resource to help you navigate the complexities of Social Security.

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Guide to the Markets - 2nd Quarter 2024 Thumbnail

Guide to the Markets - 2nd Quarter 2024

Join us for our quarterly "Guide to the Market" webinar, where we will review the latest trends and developments in the stock market and the broader economy. This session is designed to provide you with valuable insights and analysis to help you make informed investment decisions. What We’ll Cover: Market Overview: A comprehensive review of the recent performance of the stock market, including major indices and sectors. Economic Trends: Analysis of key economic indicators and what they mean for the market and your investments. Investment Strategies: Discussion on effective investment strategies in the current economic climate. Outlook and Predictions: Expert forecasts and predictions for the next quarter and beyond. Q&A Session: An opportunity to ask questions and get answers from our market experts.

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Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Illinois Secure Choice Program Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Illinois Secure Choice Program

Under Illinois State Law, every employer with at least five employees* must either offer their own qualified retirement plan or facilitate the Illinois Secure Choice program. Join us for a 30-minute informative session on the Illinois Secure Choice Program. The Illinois Secure Choice Program is designed to help more Illinois workers save for retirement through automatic payroll deductions facilitated by their employers.

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 Lunch & Learn: How to Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: How to Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes

Join us for an informative and insightful webinar on estate planning essentials. Whether you're just starting to consider your estate's future or looking to refine your existing plans, this session is designed to provide valuable guidance and answers to your key questions. Key Discussion Points: Understanding the Basics of Estate Planning Importance of Wills, Trusts, and Probate Strategies for Preserving and Distributing Assets Q&A Session: Get Your Estate Planning Questions Answered

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