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Herr Capital Management Events




You're invited to a comprehensive 30-minute webinar presented by experts from the Social Security Administration. Gain valuable insights and information on understanding Social Security and maximizing its benefits for you and your family. Agenda: Introduction to Social Security Programs Eligibility Criteria and Benefit Calculation Claiming Strategies and Options Q&A Session: Directly Address Your Social Security Queries This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear directly from those who work within the Social Security Administration, providing accurate and reliable information on the various aspects of Social Security. Secure your spot today to gain a better understanding of Social Security benefits, retirement, disability, survivor benefits, and more. This session is an invaluable resource to help you navigate the complexities of Social Security.

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 Lunch & Learn: How to Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: How to Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes

Join us for an informative and insightful webinar on estate planning essentials. Whether you're just starting to consider your estate's future or looking to refine your existing plans, this session is designed to provide valuable guidance and answers to your key questions. Key Discussion Points: Understanding the Basics of Estate Planning Importance of Wills, Trusts, and Probate Strategies for Preserving and Distributing Assets Q&A Session: Get Your Estate Planning Questions Answered

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Lunch & Learn: Preparing for Tax Season Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: Preparing for Tax Season

Get ready to tackle tax season with confidence! We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming 30-minute webinar focusing on essential tax strategies and updates. In this session, we'll delve into crucial topics including marginal tax rates, recent tax code changes, the New Secure 2.0, Inherited IRAs, and Roth Conversion opportunities. We'll also have time to answer some of your questions. Led by experts in taxation, we're excited to have Jim Boie, CPA and Senior Tax Manager at FORVIS join our discussion. This webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of tax season effectively. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of tax intricacies.

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Lunch & Learn: The Road Ahead. 3rd Quarter 2023 Economic Review Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: The Road Ahead. 3rd Quarter 2023 Economic Review

Join us for a 30 minute review of the 3rd Quarter's economic activity. We'll review what's on the mind of investors: What are the implications of inflation? What's next for the Federal Reserve interest rate policy? What current financial conditions may tell us about future growth. Simplify the complex with our timely and thought-provoking insights on economic events and outlook to help you make informed investment decisions more confidently.

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Lunch & Learn: Strategic Retirement Planning  The SECURE and SECURE 2.0 ACT Thumbnail

Lunch & Learn: Strategic Retirement Planning The SECURE and SECURE 2.0 ACT

The SECURE Act of 2019 introduced meaningful changes to rules around retirement accounts, some with significant ramifications for tax and estate planning. The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 brought even more changes. This complimentary webinar will help you understand some key opportunities available under the recent legislation —along with some notable limitations —to help them make the right planning decisions for retirement and beyond.

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