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White Elephant Inheritance Thumbnail

White Elephant Inheritance

A "white elephant" is a gift that may cause more issues than it resolves, much as an elephant might eat an unwitting recipient out of house and home. It's an asset that comes to you via gift or inheritance and needs to be quickly sold, liquidated, or transferred to avoid further expenses of time or money. In such cases, it is crucial to understand how to disclaim an inheritance properly and avoid holding the burden. The average American household stands to inherit $46,200. Not all those bequeathments are straight cash, and some might prove inconvenient or troublesome.

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Are You Prepared For An Estate Tax Sunset? Thumbnail

Are You Prepared For An Estate Tax Sunset?

Are you thinking about your taxes and financial strategies for 2026? If not, you should be. In 2026, a number of tax adjustments that were enacted as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are anticipated to expire. For affluent couples, the most consequential change is likely to be a substantial reduction in the estate tax exemption. Presently, the exemption stands at $12.92 million per person or $25.84 million per couple as of 2023.1 However, based on current legislation, these higher exemption amounts will revert to the 2010 level of $5 million, adjusted for inflation, which equates to roughly $6.4 million per person, or $12.8 million per married couple in 2026, representing nearly half of its present value. For estates exceeding these exemption amounts, the federal tax rate will be set at 40%, in addition to state death taxes where applicable

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